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One of the largest investor communities in Latin America

TC is an investor community with more than 640k registered members. The platform offers market intelligence generated both by networking among thousands of investors, who share their investment ideas and exchange experiences (crowd-sourced content), and by providing financial market-related information of Brazil and the world (many of them proprietary and in real time).

It also provides analysis of data related to the macro scenario and companies listed on the stock exchange that help in better decision making. The third arm of the platform is financial education, with the offer of several courses (some of them for free) for those who invest or want to start investing. The company’s revenue is earned from the sale of subscription plans, services and courses.


Pedro Albuquerque


"TC is a free app and easy to use. With hundreds of thousands of investors debating the financial market and everything that impacts stocks."

TC’s vision is to become one of the largest communication and financial education platforms in the world

In a thriving and constantly changing market, we have the mission of democratizing access to market information and intelligence, providing individual investors with the same level of access as large institutional investors. By reducing this gap, the platform gives autonomy and power, educates and prepares its users to improve in their investments, contributing to the strengthening of the capital market in Brazil. TC can be seen as a cause and a consequence of the growth in the number of individual investors within the country.

The Company’s vision is to become one of the largest communication and financial education platforms in the world, providing an innovative and technological environment for all investors, with high quality services and content.

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