Our Business

We have financial education in our DNA

The value of our business is directly linked to the value of knowledge we generate and share with our 640k users.

Our main differential is the offer of qualified and credible information, much of it proprietary and exclusive, at the speed that investors need to make the best decisions.

For this purpose, we rely on a team of around 670 employees who - among different roles - contribute to the production, curation and provision of hundreds of daily content items on our platform.

We are always attentive to the financial market and follow the most relevant movements of listed companies, of the Brazilian and global economy and politics, aiming to bring first-hand information to the TC Community.

Our business has the financial education in its DNA and consists of three content streams: market intelligence (analysis, news production and information for users, investment ideas and sell side reports), data analytics (mathematical, statistical and computational models that assist investors in the decision-making process) and education (courses, workshops, books, videos, competitions and texts), all essential for the development of the required knowledge for those who already invest or want to start investing.

Market Intelligence

On the TC platform, users find market intelligence anytime, anywhere.


This intelligence is built from:

  • The content published in our TC Mover news system and by TC Radio, the first online radio station dedicated the financial market in Brazil, with content fully focused on economics, finance and investments;
  • The experience of investors, who share their investment ideas in the Trade Ideas collaborative feed; and;
  • Reports from leading research partners in the market.



In a unique environment available 24 hours a day, we provide complete tools for financial, economic, political and market sentiment analysis, which help investors registered on the TC platform to make more accurate or less uncertain decisions, based on a more accurate assessment of the Brazilian scenario.

Using our TC Matrix tool, our users rely on a revolutionary initiative, unique in the Brazilian market and in the world. This tool is aimed at analyzing the country’s macroeconomics, with indicators such as the US Dollar, Selic and Gold, in addition to figures and fundamental analysis of companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

In TC Matrix, users can also find proprietary indicators developed by TC Labs, such as the Macroeconomic Uncertainty Indices, which analyze the macroeconomics uncertainty levels, the Industry and Retail sectors and the expectations of market agents.

The TC platform also includes:

  • Financial information of all companies listed on B3;
  • Predictive analysis, with revenue forecasting and insolvency risk models, as well as industry benchmarking; and
  • Direct access to relevant facts and communications from listed companies.


We foster financial education to give Brazilians autonomy and power to evolve in their investments.


We offer educational content developed by experienced and qualified professionals, who work directly in the financial market.

Through TC School, we have created a comprehensive education ecosystem unparalleled in the Brazilian financial market, combining theoretical knowledge, practical learning and competition tools to help train thousands of investors in a responsible and safe manner. All such integration between theory and practice occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the pace the user prefers.

On our platform, users find:

  • Hundreds of free articles;
  • Comic books and e-books;
  • Personalized knowledge trails, from basic to advanced financial education;
  • Investment tournaments and competitions, with simulations of day-to-day operations in the capital market.

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